AppleII SCSI trouble
The English version for the friend who lives in english area
Conquest of a problem AppleIIGS+AppleSCSIcard

If SLOT and a card cause poor contact, the shortage of speed will start especially to transmit data by HispeedType scsicard.
Result A device may be unable to be recognized although scsi card is recognized.
To the beginning
The connector portion of SCSICARD is polished with an eraser. (Typewriter eraser is best ,The sand with this small is contained. )
Both sides It polishes out.

What stuck the sandpaper on the plastic plate is made.
sandpaper=#400 ~#800

It fluctuates. It polishes. 2 or 3 times

It is cautious of dust and garbage.

Medicine of an alcoholic system
Degreasing washing lotion
(since metal rusts, don't use water solubility)
Since acetone and thinner melt a plastic, don't use them.
A point-of-contact revival agent is sticky.
Since dust is adsorbed, it cannot use.

A right-hand side spray can (R-100) is the alcoholic system washing lotion of radio control engine.
Left-hand side is alcoholic 95% (I bought it in the pharmacy).

Alcohol is attached to tissue.. It wipes off.
The dust of SLOT7 is blown away and washed.

It inserts. scsi-card
It waits about 15 minutes until alcohol gets dry.
For test scsi-card
(Apple High-Speed-Scsi-CARD Only)

Scsi-type cd-drive is prepared.
this -- apple -- what was pure, removed from MAC7200(as like cd600i) and was put into the case of sun-warkstationCDdrive.

It equips also with a terminator.

Put cd-media(for mac) into cd-drive.
It sets only to cd-drive to connect with scsi-card which turns ON the power supply of cd-drive.
The power supply of hard disk is turned OFF.

scsi-utility FD start!

これはApple High-Speed-Scsi-CARD のみで初期型のApplescsi1Cardに該当しないので注意

scsi-utility FDから起動する



The capacity of cd-rom is displayed.

The capacity which shows mac and IIGS is almost the same.

Information is seen for this cd by MAC.

Since it is a screen shot, Japanese has come out.

If it can do so far It is normal to card.


このCDをmacで情報をみてみると242.9メガとなっている 端の丸め誤差があるのでOKです

IIGS power supply turn OFF.
The power supply of hard disk is turned ON.

scsi-utility FD start!

device#1~3 are 3partition in one HARDdisk.
device#4 is cd-rom
in fact -- Although there is also a HFS partition, in this util, it is not visible.

再度scsi-utility FDから起動すると左図のごとく
Good luck!   ここから下はこことほぼ同じ   
during setup:which what connects----
IIgssystem Dounload(apple sight) OS and HyperCard etc.

Holder name Number file name Note
Apple IIGS System6.0.1 1-1 IIGS 6.0.1 Info.txt
1-2 Disk1-Install bootable FD
1-3 Disk2-SystemDisk bootable FD
1-4 Disk3-SystemTools1
1-5 Disk4-SystemTools2
1-6 Disk5-Fonts
1-7 Disk6-synthLAB music
1-8 Disk7-AppleII Setup bootable FD
Apple IIGS Supplemental 2-1 Apple IIGS CD Setup5.1
2-2 Apple II SCSI Utilities bootable FD
2-3 Apple II SystemDisk3.2 bootable FD
2-4 Apple II VideoOverlayCard
2-5 ShrinkIt1.1 IIGS-Compression and defrosting
For Macintosh 3-1 AppleIIeCard2.2.1 appleIIeCard for macintosh LC slot
3-2 IIe Startup 2.2.2di
HyperCard IIGS 1.1 4-1 HC 1.1 1~6(6fd)
4-2 HyperMover conversion of stack mac <-> IIgs of stack HyperCard
-- an application --
RivisionC with some versions of rom with some versions of SCSI-CARD(early thing) Apple made -- RivisionC -- the last --

this early SCSI card has the difficulty which seemingly has a little at transmission of a file bigger a little than 64k
Since DMA can be used, a first stage type is high speed about 10 times!
It is called below the account of hard fighting of this card.

SW1:DMA of the DIP switch in the left figure
the setup 2, 3, and SW 4 of this card of SCSI-ID /
usually (it is ID=7 in the bottom)
all / (it turns on in the bottom) SW
Equip slot with SCSI card and connect HD and CD by the daisy chain. A terminator is connected to the last apparatus.
Or [ that a middle terminator is required ].

IIGS SLOT setting
slot cards normal plan cards plan1 cards plan2
#1 printer - printer - printer -
#2 appletalk - appletalk - appletalk -
#3 TextDisplay - TextDisplay - TextDisplay -
#4 mouse-port - mouse-port - mouse-port -
#5 smart-port - smart-port - your-card HIGH-SPEED-SCSI
#6 disk-port - your-card HIGH-SPEED-SCSI disk-port -
#7 your-card HIGH-SPEED-SCSI your-card FOCUS-HD-270M your-card FOCUS-HD-270M

If it is made #7, it will start from SCSI-HD
. If it is made #6, it will start from DISK .
If it is made #5, it will start from DISK .
which is how this uses usual (3.5 priority) (5 priority)

If it is made #5, it will be started by DISK (3.5FD) .
If it is made #6, it will start from SCSI-HD .
It is which is corrected and 5FDs do not recognize.
It is SCSI-HD starting at #5 .
It is DISK (5FD) starting at #6 .
It is FOCUS-HD starting at #7 .
3.5FD is not to recognize.

The combination which confirms all devices for the moment is not found.

IIGS Reset is apple+ctrl+Reset( It is although not reset easily. )
BIOS setup is apple+ctrl+esc
2-2 Apple II SCSI Utilities
If It is thawed, from now on which can perform starting FD, it will start, and recognition of apparatus will be checked in hard(scsi-devices).  
Since cd-rom for mac is put into a CD drive.
It checks by 2:SCSI-VERIFY.
It is SCSI-ID to DEVICE#. It is O.K. if capacity is displayed horizontally
The latest SCSI which cannot be connected two sets is differed from.
even when ID is another-SC-PARTITION which cannot connect two HDs.

After installing OS601 If Advance.disk.util of OS601 is used, HFS format can use . Four or more partitions are also possible.

Advance.disk.util is not started by OS502 by the application for 601.
1-3 Disk2-SystemDisk
Using starting is carried out and / Advance.disk.util ?
which installs OS6.0.1 in a hard disk . If the partition of the HD can be carried out
1-2 Disk1-Install
since -- starting -- Easy-Install -- selection and directions -- following It changes.
1-4 Disk3-SystemTools1
1-5 Disk4-SystemTools2

When using CD-DRIVE
installation of the expansion and the application related to CD is done by Custom-Install.
 On a concrete target then filesystem:HFS-FST,drive:CD-ROM and SCSIHD
Mediacontrol:AppleCD SC. Advance.disk.util like the point can also be chosen here.

2-1 Apple IIGS CD Setup5.1
install ...
1-3 Disk2-SystemDisk
restarting is carried out. startup is set to SCSI .
It re-starts from SCSI-HD.
zip drive (SCSI type) has also been recognized.
Exclusive software is not installed particularly.  
It corrects. It may not recognize, unless it puts in media at the time of starting.
When CD is also put in at the time of starting, it is in good condition.
It can take, once it recognizes.

----cd-drive(from apple macintosh 7200------
Although the tray formula is used .
If CD is taken out and a tray is stored, a system will go in search of CD and will be kept waiting for a long time.
One dummy CD is required.
The drive currently used is 4 times authentic positive in apple .
(CD-R can be read.) CD-RW cannot be read.
It has recognized also by the pure format of Iomega. (macintosh format media)
surely choosing "EJECT" (it taking out), when media are put in and a dialog as shown in the right figure comes out

There is a secret partition portion in ZIP media or CD-ROM in fact .
Since OS601 cannot read it, he asks whether "EJECT" and "initialization" are carried out!
Although CD cannot be initialized, surely choose "EJECT."
MAC uses this secret portion for management. (The driver for these media of MAC uses correctly. )
When "initialization" is carried out, a possibility that writing by MAC will become impossible is high.
Even if it carries out "EJECT", the portion of HFS format is mounted to a desktop. There is no problem now.
The holder with the big number of files is not opened (although less than 256 pieces are probably thought in one holder ... under verification).
If media are taken out while the icon had appeared in the desktop, although cursor can be moved, it will stop carrying out for reaction of it. 。 
Let's take out media after surely dragging a media icon in a garbage box, since in-and-out control of media is not performed unlike MAC.

Let's -- the data exchange with MAC is also easy now !

Go Happy AppleII Life!!