Prodos Commands

These are prodos commands that you can use.
CAT or CATALOG CAT gives a brief directory listing where CATALOG gives a more detailed listing
PREFIX Changes to a different directory.
CREATE Creates a new directory.
RENAME Renames a file.
DELETE Deletes a file.
LOCK Locks a file.
UNLOCK Unlocks a file.
VERIFY Checks if the file exists.
- (dash) Runs a file no matter what type the file is.
RUN Runs an Applesoft Basic program.
LOAD Loads an Applesoft Basic program.
SAVE Saves an Applesoft Basic program.
BYE Exits the Basic System.
EXEC Opens a text file.
BRUN Runs a binary file.
BLOAD Loads a binary file.
BSAVE Saves a binary file.